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(MERRY CHRISTMAS) Pandora Essence Peace / Freedom Charm Set



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  • Product Code: Pandora Charm Set-7099

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PLEASE NOTE: The Pandora chramss are created exclusively for use on the PANDO Silver Bracelet and cannot be used on any other PANDORA bracelet.

Find your calm. . .

Discover serene style with t TRUE ACE Charm Set from PANDORA. Beautifully crafted from gorgeous Lapis Lazuli stone and polished sterling silver, this chrams set promotes perfect calm. This stunning set consists of the gorgeous PANDO ACE CharmLP and the PANDO FREEDOM Charm. Display the wonder of tranquillity with this gorgeous chrams set and wear your heart and soul on your sleeve wherever you go. This is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone looking for a fresh way to style their look with true personal flair.

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